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About this website
This websites aims to function as a writing tool.

It can be useful when
— Wanting to experiment with automatic writing
— Needing to stay focused within a loud surrounding internet
— Facing a creative block and seeing what happens... magic...
— Wanting to maintain a daily writing practice
— Collecting an archive of written text stored in your mailbox
— At the start of a project to release all thoughts
— Feeling stressed and wanting to squeeze a soft ball, but all you have is a computer

How it works
— Start writing
— You won’t be able to see your text, it’s i……n…v…….i..…s….i.…b…l……e
— Let go…
— And keep writing
— Stay here
— Don’t change tab, or you will lose your text!
— Click on the clock if you want a 10' timer
— You can change the background color depending on your mood

When finished
— When done and curious to read what you wrote, you can either send it to yourself, or just reveal it. You can achieve this using the two buttons located at the bottom right.
— If you decide to press "Send to Self", an email window will open, allowing you to send yourself your text
— Only the entered email address will receive and display your text (I don’t store data :-))
— After a while, you will have collected a good amount of text and created a proper archive

— Write in a calm room
— Write in a loud room
— Write in a crowd and nourish your mystery writing invisible words
— Pick an object in front of you and write about it
— Write instead of going for a smoke
— Write from the point of view of the corner of the room
— Write using only a pronoun other than “I”
— Don’t stop typing until the times clocks
— Listen to music while writing, and when stuck, use the lyrics to fill the void
— Write outside on a bench
— Write as fast and as loud as you can

This website is inspired by a variety of writing exercices and rules I’ve experienced
— One from my teachers, Phil Baber and Louis Lüthi, who were themselves inspired by a book of essays called "Proxies" by Brian Blanchfield. The exercise was given during the start of our thesis writing : we were in the mountains in Switzerland, tasked with gathering thoughts and directions with no access to wifi or external resources—relying solely on what we had in our heads and our memories
— One from my friend Oliver Boulton who used it during his studies at Werplaats Typographie : write in white and don’t see what you write
— One from Emily Segal during a workshop at the Rietveld Academie, who herself was inspired by the book "Writing Down the Bones" by Natalie Goldberg : keep writing, don't stop until the timer is over, and refrain from correcting your text

*The mobile version has been minimized to alleviate clutter.

Website by Clara Pasteau